Pop Quiz – Group Reflexive Documentary


  • One technique that we used was our discussion of representation. Although our interview appeared to have been focused on Chris with our questions like “What makes you, you?” both Will and I turned our cameras to focus on each other. This is reflexive because we were more concerned with the filmmakers than the actual subject. 
  • The next element we used was the difference of close ups and far away shots of Chris. These drastic changes to the audiences’ eyes allowed them to be aware that there was a camera present and that editing had been established, therefore become less natural than it could have been. 
  • Another element of reflexivity that we used was our direction on telling Chris how to say something. We originally had planned to write an entire script out for Chris to read, but at the last minute we scratched that idea and decided to question him with another idea. At one point Will is even seen discussion how the interview will unfold with Chris – which is reflexive because it shows how the filmmakers are in charge of everything.
  • We also used the technique of unpacking realism by rewinding all the way back to when we were sitting in class, discussing what we wanted to film. Leesie is seen talking about how we are going to write a script for Chris. This shows reflexivity again because of how we had planned every aspect of the interview before we even started. 
  • Finally, our last element was the fact that throughout the interview we switched positions/couches for Chris and Will to sit on. This is reflexive, because wanted to emphasize the power of the camera’s ability to pause and play, as well as the abilities available to us through editing, and how it can all be constructed to look one way. 

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